“If you are looking for a wonderful combination of humor (especially of the dry British variety!) and the blues (music that is!), look no further than Graham Ord! ….his concerts are full of life and laughter.”   Brian Doerksen

”Always contemporary, powerful and relevant, his material has import and
weight.  He lifts people up and gives them glimpses of God that produce
meaningful change in the heart.  I heartily recommend Graham Ord to you.”
Graham Cooke.

Graham expresses a unique blend of humour, spiritual sensitivity and compassion for people. Musically, he has a uniquely versatile repertoire that relates easily to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Most importantly, he is an authentic person with a high degree of integrity, I highly and unreservedly recommend him.

Gordie Lagore, Pastor Vancouver Eastside Vineyard Church

A couple of emails received after concerts:

“Grahams style and music was so personable and so much hand clapping fun. Had some laughs and even some tears- you went away almost feeling like he gave part of himself away-what a privilege”

“I just loved the concert, the British humour, the awesome guitar playing, the sensitivity
to the Spirit, the open and honest heart and the lyrics and the fun………. everything – it was total therapy me as I go through the toughest time of my life”.