Life outside music

Although music is a big part of my life I do have many other interests and passions many of which keep me grounded and inspired.

I have always loved sports. I was a runner as a young man loving the hurdles and also cross country running.  Football (soccer) has always been a passion of mine, my team is Tottenham Hotspurs from London.

I played for numerous teams as a kid. As an 11 year old, I played for Colchester United’s youth team in the same year that the men’s senior team (then in the 4th division) beat the mighty Leeds United (top of the 1st) in the FA cup!  I got to hold the giant killer’s cup that year which was a blast as a youngster.  I played right up till I first moved to Canada but then injuries meant I quit playing competitively. I still coach a U12 team in our nieghbourhood which I absolutely love.

If I read I tend to like the true accounts of people’s lives rather than fiction.  I have a heart for the Arts and run a monthly Artist gathering called Katalyst where we seek to inspire and encourage people from all Artistic disciplines.  I have always had a heart for social justice issues, I have done countless humanitarian runs into underdeveloped countries and my ongoing work with Tribehouse Artist collective explores ways to merge my faith and Art with social justice initiatives.

Then there is family which is actually the glue that holds everything together for me. I have been married since 1990 and we have 7 kids plus one who is in heaven. I have 5 boys and 2 girls and I love them all with a passion.

So as I try to avoid the Miss world lines like “I love my pets and world peace” I will end this with the fact that I do genuinely love learning new things especially about theology and philosophy and the Arts.

Probably my biggest frustration is not being intelligent enough to grasp really complex theories along with wishing that there was a pill that would replace the hours it takes to get good at anything.