Zany Stuff

Graham was born in the UK and began performing music as a teen during the punk explosion in England in the late 70’s. Since then his aqua-lung replacement ministry has taken off in New Zealand and his hemorrhoid clinic has been a blessing to thousands in down-town Vancouver. Using the Jaw harp in modern worship has also opened up things in the Southern States.

Graham Is amazing at everything he puts his hand to and humility is a thing of the distant past.

You are crazy if you don’t book him for your event (really big ones only please).

Graham shares his deep inner feelings.

On Song Writing
Q. When you sit down to write a new song what comes first the words or the music?
A. The rent always comes first!

On the Arts
Q. What is your favourite quote from classic literature?
A. “If music be the food of love then why am I so constipated? (Rodeo and Julie’s bet)

On Career Choices
Q. Why would anyone book you for an event when they could get Shania Twain?
A. My cat-suit may not fit as good as Shania’s but I can assure you that mine’s not a rental!

On Diet
Q. It’s been noted that you like fish and chips. What is so good about them?
A. The fish mainly, closely followed by the chips.

On Faith
Q. How does your faith affect your music?
A. I believe in it more than I did before!

On Sexuality
Q. Which guitar strings do you use?
A. New strings are better, but if I have to use old ones I do.

On Politics
Q. Which way do you vote?
A. In one of those ballot booth things.

On Family
Q. Is family important to you?
A. Hold on….I just have to play football with the kids.

On Death
Q. What do you think happens to you when you die?
A. The death thing is easy, you just stop breathing and there you have it!

On the After Life
Q. Do you think there is life after death?
A. If you have ever sung for people who only came to see the artist on 3 acts after you, then you will know that there is!

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