Scratch & Sniff

Scratch here to smell Graham’s favourite smell!


I once met a Gold fish who couldn’t remember where he had been even if it was just 10 seconds ago. He said that it helped his ability to cope with his boring life because even though all he does is swim round and round the bowl he can’t remember being in the same spot twice!!  It’s good to know that memory loss …… oh sorry I can’t remember what I was about to say.  (Did you actually scratch the thing above? Had you there eh!!)

The history of the Guitar

It has long been debated as to where the guitar originated. Some say it is a distant cousin of the Ud in the middle East while others argue that it was hewn from the cxultural cradle of Europe. Lately it has become really obvious that niether are actually true. The guitar emerged from a garden shed of Harvey schmitshiner in Canada who realised that he had to have something to break the tedium of cable TV which arrived in Canada in the Middle Ages.

Bread bags rock!!

On a recent outing with the kids in the snow I found that bread bags are still an effective water barrier when placed in your boots.  What is particularly amazing about this is that it was the same when I was a kid my self!  It’s great to know that bread bags have not suffered the fate of many other things over the years eh?  Safe and dry sledding to you all.
Introducing a new exciting collection

Over the years I have been intrigued by fence posts.  I have become an avid collector for the past 3 days, and so far I have one post in my collection!  It is a really nice one with a sharp end and everything.  If you would like a picture of it then you can come round my house and take one.

A very thought provoking Poem

You are quite nice

You shine like the bottom of a tin of chick peas

Even broken spectacles are useful to see you better if you like

You are a corker, my tranquil millipede!

Coming soon…..

Are some audio clips of my favourite sounds. Perhaps the most inspiring is the sound of the cat flap swinging which reminds me of the day the cat (willow) was finally house trained.  People have fallen off their computer chair when they heard it in the past. It’s very impacting.

I know that these offerings will enhance your own life experience too.

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