Lyrics & Music

Please feel free to download these chord charts for your own use. Should you wish to publish them in a song book etc you must apply for permission from the publishers listed below.

Use in Churches

Should you perform Graham’s songs in your church please ensure that the CCLI are informed via your churches song survey (ask the worship pastor about it if you are in doubt).

Recording Graham’s songs on a CD or video

Should you desire to record any of these songs or use any of Graham’s original recorded music on your recording, then you must by law obtain a mechanical copyright license before you manufacture. These are available from the following administrators.

Songs published by:

Vineyard contact

Go Between Music/Copy Care Ltd or song solutions contact for Nth America and for the rest of world.

R4 Publishing (ASCAP)/Go Between Music contact

Go Between Music (solely) Contact

Live performance on TV or Radio

Graham is a member of the Performing Rights Society Ltd (PRS) so if his music is performed on Radio or TV (live or pre recorded) the PRS must be informed. Include the name of the show, the date and time, and the song title along with any other information you may have i.e. producer etc. Thank you for your kind interest in Graham Ord’s Songs. Enjoy!

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