A place to write more thoughtful things

If you know me then you will know that I love to piss around and have a good laugh, you will also know that I love to contemplate more serious things as well. One of the ways I have learnt how to cope with some of the bewildering things that life throws at me is to laugh at them. This however doesn’t mean that I dont actually think deeply about them. I have been thinking about writing a more serious blog about such things in the hope that it can be cathartic for me and also so that people who are interested in an on line dialogue can enter in to that with me.  I have decided to do it here because it takes a deliberate effort to find this blog rather than on facebook which is open to anyone and I dont know if I want anyone to see this if you know what I mean.  I have been involved with a couple of online discussions in the past and they have sometimes become a bit agressive or dare I say it narrow and I am not really interested in that kind of approach to discussion.
So with this in mind my first posting will be some inconclusive thoughts about how gnosticism (A heresy dating back to the first 25 years of the church’s formation) effects how Christian artists are permitted to express themselves in most churches today. I will put the finishing touches to my 1st draft soon and post it up here to see how it goes down.

I welcome your constructive input.

Cheers Graham.