Summerland, BC – 05/08/16

Concert with Graham and Aaron Ord
Sunday, May 8, 2016
6:30pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
10318 Elliott Street
Summerland, BC, Canada V0H 1Z0
Other Info
Father and Son Duo perform at the Summerland Baptist church a special concert for Mother's day. Refreshments also served. for info

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vernon, BC – 04/28/16

Opening for Martyn Joseph
Thursday, April 28, 2016
7:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
3914 – 32nd St,
vernon, BC, Canada V1T 5P1
Other Info
Graham and his son Aaron Ord (celtic Harp) will open for Welsh Singer Song writer Martyn Joseph at the Vernon Folk Club. At the Atrium (Vernon Lodge)

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Harping On

One day our Son Aaron announced that he was interested in learning to play the harp.  At first I thought great, we have a Sonny boy Williamson in the house at last, but no he meant the Celtic Harp! Well even though I was pretty taken a back I did as any good dad would do, I tried to accommodate for his passion to learn an instrument by helping him get a small Shepherds Harp and got him an ‘explorative lesson’ with the best teacher in our area.  It was pretty amazing how quick he picked it up and really got into it.  He has been taking lessons now for about a year and a half and has done a few local gigs and festivals even accompanying touring artists occasionally too.

Building Harps

Along with his interest in playing the Harp Aaron also has a keen interest in building them. His teacher’s husband Daniel is a master builder, and when he offered Aaron a chance to build one with him he jumped at the opportunity.  Working 9 hour days through his school holidays he has come along way with the build.  He busks at weekends to save the money for the hardware needed to complete the build.

Detail - front of the Harp
Detail – front of the Harp

He was encouraged to start a community funding project to help raise the last money needed to complete his harp and at the time of writing this he is 1/3 the way to meeting his goal of $1500.00 thanks to the generosity of others who are inspired by his passion for the harp.  If you are interested in taking a look at what he is doing and perhaps would like to invest in what he is doing you can follow this link Aaron Ord Music.

Aaron's Harp build1
Harmonic Curve of Aaron’s Harp

I am so looking forward to hearing the music that comes out of his own handiwork.  It is so rewarding to see your kids following their passions, especially when they are so positive and life giving.

Thanks for your interest in my music. 


Christmas Music Compilation

I am so proud to be part of a brand new Christmas compilation called ‘TribeHouse Christmas – Vol One)  that will benefit the local Kelowna Foodbank.

I got to record with my son Aaron who plays the Celtic Harp.  The recording is available by download only from

Here’s a Track for you to enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone.