Beautiful Washington state

I had the thrill of travelling down to the beatuiful Mount Baker In washington Sate in the US this past weekend.  The trip was made extra special because I was able to travel with my oldest son on the weekend of his 20th birthday.  When we lived in Vancouver we would often see Mount Baker towing in the distance so to take the 54 mile trek up it’s snowy slopes was quite the treat.  I must say though that it was a bit scary on the roads but after hearing that they can get 28 feet of snow up there in the deep winter I felt a lot better that we had gone at the beginning of the season.  I had a great time with some friends from North Langley Community Church which was so cool for us.  To be in the mountains is so very inspiring and I felt replenished by the whole experience.



2 thoughts on “Beautiful Washington state”

  1. forgot to mention luthiery convention coming up in vancouver nov 25th for 10$ at the
    croation cultural center
    on a sunday nov 25 th
    from 10am -5pm
    should be fun
    4 big shows coming into van this month
    paul macnertny however you spell his name
    bruce the boss spingsteen
    leonard cohen
    and neill young wish i could go to all of them
    miss you graham in van
    from rob
    there s a new church at north langely vineyard 88th at the lutheran bldg you might check out 1 day or osmething like that sonya is there
    415pm sunday afternoons
    kelwona vineyard everyone is there i was told
    david ruis
    andrew smith
    norm strauss
    anyways take care

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