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One of my good friends Dorte Meyer came up with an idea quite a few years ago to host an interactive evening of the arts which focused around the subject of grace. On may 5th this dream became a reality as together with Tribehouse Artist collective we hosted an evening called the Grace Experience.

graham OrdThe concept was quite simple, ask artists to exhibit work that spoke of grace and invite people to walk around the exhibit interacting with the artists and actually experience grace through the art. To pull this off was quite feat though. It ended up involving over 25 artists many of which we were present and others who sent work in to be either displayed or broadcast on a big screen. There was pottery, music, poetry, dance, video, live visual art, writing and so on.  What transpired was a hugely successful evening held at Bo.ttega Farm Inn, Kelowna on May 5th 2013.


The event was really well attended as a constant stream of participants filed through over a two hour period.  Some people slowly walked around the building others sat and observed the goings on, some knelt on the floor, while others got involved by making their own art or writing on rocks that were provided.  It was a stunning evening on many levels. The art was quite amazing but so too was peoples reactions.

Grace comes from a Greek word karis it is where we get the English word Charisma. Grace is a gift when we share the gift we shine and this is what I saw the other night. It really was a Grace Experience.

people painting

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