Brand New Recording

What better way is there to spend a cold winter’s evening in Canada than recording music with a few friends?  I had been asked if I would like to participate in a recording project at Kelowna’s Arts and Tech college (KATO) with young engineer Nathan Peacock.  I called up my good friends Dave Moore (bass) and Dylan Ranney (drums) and they joined me on the session which had to be completed in one evening; quite the feat given that  they had never even heard the tune before!  We went over the song a few times and before you could say funky we were recording.  Time was tight  and we had to overdub the guitar solo in a mad rush before the janitor locked up the place.  Often the best creative stuff happens under pressure eh?

The video I made by turning the laptop upside down using the onboard camera to capture some cartoon doodling.  I went to bed very late that night but what fun it was to do something creative  just because I wanted to.

Hope you like the song.

You can purchase a download of “I’m in Love With You” here:

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