Graham Ord Blues Revue

A New Blues Project

If you follow my music you will know that I draw from several influences and styles including ‘The Blues’. I think of the Blues as a foundational genre of much of the music we enjoy today and it is certainly a big influence on my own musical stylings.  I have decided to put together a specific band to focus on the Blues when I want to. I have called it The Graham Ord Blues Revue.  The idea behind the ‘Blues Revue’ is for me to be able to gather specific musicians for different projects and shows. A kind of a revolving band of great friends and fine musicians where we can focus on the Blues. It is an inspiring thing for me and something I am really enjoying working on.

We have a show coming up on Friday, February 9th in Kelowna. A doubleheader with the James Hay Blues Band. For this show, My Blues Revue will feature Curtis Tulman (Cruzero’s) on harmonica, Mark Fitz on Hammond organ, Norm Strauss (The Voice Germany)  on guitar and vocals, Dave Moore – bass and vocals, and Jordan Strauss on drums. If you are in the area please come along. tickets at

I sure hope we get to play for you soon.

Thanks for your interest in my music.

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