Songwriter circles

I was performing in Memphis at the Memphis Folk Alliance last year and one of the highlights for me was to witness something called a songwriter circle hosted by Blue Rock studios from Texas.  It was really well hosted and it felt like such a natural way to hear new songs and get an introduction to some new artists.  I was so happy when we returned to Canada to find that one of my friends at Tribehouse took the initiative to get a songwriter circle going in our town. It has been running for about 8 months now and each month we have four different artists sharing their stories and songs. Usually there is a mixture of more established artists and new comers too.  Its a safe environment for everyone to try new songs out and gauge how an audience responds to the music.

Tonight I will be performing there again along with Gary Norris, Bethany Petch and Hayden Ward.  It should be a blast.  If you are in Kelowna please come out and support the event. 7pm streaming cafe, Kelowna BC


Kelowna, BC – 02/10/12

Benefit for Jordan Unrau
Friday, February 10, 2012
7:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
2100 Gordon Drive
Kelowna, BC, Canada V1Y 3J3
Other Info
Graham will perform along with Norm Strauss and the 'Ord Strauss Blues Revue' in benefit of Jordan Unrau. Jordan is our 14 year old friend who is currently under going treatment at Vancouver General Hospital for cancer. Also performing are windfall Prophet and Andrew and Zach Smith.
All proceeds will go to the Unrau family.

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