Stuck on Love

When the news comes that one of your children is gravely ill your heart is pulled out of shape as you try to come to terms with the reality of the situation and try to understand the implications of the diagnosis. My wife and I have had our share of such experiences worried sick about our own children at different times. Our dear friends the Unrau’s have just heard that the youngest son has cancer and is undergoing treatment in Vancouver. Dealing with the illness is one thing, dealing with the financial pressures that time off work and all the travel involved is another.
Some of their musician friends from our town have put a benefit concert together on February 10th  to create a place for our community to express their love and support for the family by collecting some cash to bless them at this perplexing time.
The show will be at The Bridge, Kelowna BC and will feature The Ord Strauss Blues revue, Andrew and Zach Smith and Windfall Prophet.
The Bridge is located at 2100 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC (Gordon and Springfield) The concert begins at 7pm. All proceeds will go the the Unrau’s. Please say a prayer for Jordan as he courageously battles this cancer.
He is a wonderful young man who is greatly loved in our community.

Not even spring yet!

I was looking around my place over Christmas and realizing that I needed to clear out some things in the new year.  Things such as my old drum kit (pictured) that I bought during a stressful time so that I could smash the daylights out of something to alleviate the stress a few years back!   Sometimes it feels good to lay some old things to rest so that you can do some new ones instead eh?  I so often get attached to things because of what they represesent or also because of what they could possibly become.  What usually happens with me though is that years go by and I realise that I have never done anything with the things I have stashed!  What was funny this time as I was contemplating my ‘winter’ spring clean my kids also began telling me that they had desires to play various new instruments. Big instruments too, like the harp and the Cello – any space I was thinking I might create will soon be filled with other stuff and this time stuff that wasn’t mine.  There is a princple there I guess?  I am enjoying the process of clearing stuff out and selling some things on that I hope will bring pleasure to someone else like it has me. 

I am looking forward to the coming year, I dont really have too many strong plans for world domination as I might have had in previous times but I do feel good about what might unfold as I keep open and keep the road clear.  I look forward to developing a few new skills on the various instruments that I own and hope that these skills will grace some recordings and live performances in the year ahead.

Thanks so much for stopping by the site, I always appreciate that people are interested in what I am doing.  Have a very Happy New Year.

Trinity Baptist Concert

L-r top: Graham Ord, Brian Wiebe, Andrew Smith Bottom: Norm Strauss, Kim McMechan.

Really looking forward to performing at Trinity Baptist Kelowna this weekend. Sunday at 7pm will be our last performance of Christmas Presence this season. If you are in the Okanagan BC. Feel free to join us, it will be lots of fun with great music and seasonal poems and stories. Also featuring Andrew Smith, Kim McMechan, Norm Strauss and Brian Wiebe. Details can be found under the events tab at the top of the page.

Christmas Presence – what a blast!

This past weekend was so much fun! Our shows in Kelowna and Penticton were completely sold out and we had such a great time performing before really appreciative audiences.
The last chance to catch Our Christmas Presence show is on Sunday evening at 7pm at Trinity Baptist Kelowna. Admission is by Donation.
The concert will again feature Andrew Smith, Norm Strauss, Kim McMechan, Brian Wiebe and myself.