Elvis is in the doghouse

I Just had to post about this…A while back I got hold of a really sweet Doghouse (upright double Bass). I have been learning to play it as part of a new Bluegrass band I have been putting together with some good friends. The band is called The Trips’ and we are starting to do a few gigs in our area.  Anyway back to the Bass!  Every instrument needs a name right? so I called the bass Elvis!  not sure why it just seemed to fit it’s character.

Elvis the Bass in the early stages of being painted.
Elvis the Bass in the early stages of being painted. (C) HeArt School 2013

One of the guys in the band Jesse Padgett is not only a great banjo player but also a fine artist as well. He asked if he could paint Elvis on the back of the bass. I was a bit apprehensive at first cos I didn’t know what to expect, but after he showed me his vision I asked him to go nuts and paint it. The result is quite stunning. A full size painting of Elvis Presley Singing into a mic while playing the guitar. It is stunning!  We are now looking forward to performing with Elvis and showing him off to more of his adoring fans.  Not many people can say they have been in a band with Elvis, but I can now.

The Bluegrass band “The Trips” consists of Jesse Padgett – Banjo and Bass, Joshua Smith – Guitar and Bass, Shamma Sabir – Fiddle (with no Bass!) and yours truly on Guitar, Mandolin and Bass.  We all take turns to sing.

Jesse Padgett is part of ‘HeArt School’ in Kelowna BC.

Elvis the Bass
Elvis in the Doghouse (or on the doghouse perhaps?)
(C) HeArt School 2013