Tranquility – A New Recording

My vision was to record a long uninterrupted passage of music that would inspire peace and which could be ideal for relaxation, meditation, prayer and contemplation or study.  I am really happy to announce that I have just released the finished work.

The project is called TRANQUILITY (peaceful instrumental soundscapes) It features the classical nylon strung guitar played over beautiful warm pad sounds and a bed of ambient world percussion.

I was inspired to create the music after sensing the level of uncertainty and fear in the news concerning our world. I wanted to make some music that inspired peace and also hope.

The artwork was photographed by my 13 year old son Elias who loves photography.  It was taken at the memorial garden planted in the honour of my dear friend Ingrid.  It was the first time the tulips had popped up to greet the sun.  A fitting image for the project.

The recording is available as a download by following the link below.