Music, Art, & old Motor Bikes

Had a blast the other night at the amazing MotoVida classic motor cycle “emporium” in Kelowna BC. My good mate Jimmy Balfour hosted a party night where he invited some musicians and painters to the funky work-space and we had a blast jamming, painting and socializing with some great friends and family. It reminded me of how important parties are for community.

Three pices of Art at Motovida
Three pieces of Art at Motovida photo by Nikki Balfour

This beautiful photo was taken the day after at motovida. It depicts a couple of art pieces painted during the party. One is by Carrie Mitchell from the HeArt School and the other by Nikki Balfour who also took the photo. I also love that she included the Vox AC15 amplifier which sounded beautiful.  Gotta love summers in Kelowna.